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Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Solutions in Central New England

At Howard Products Inc, from Reception to Shipping, we are dedicated to doing the job right the first time, every time. Let us bid on your job and bring our value-add experience to your project. Our engineering staff alone brings over 70 years of combined experience in steel fabrication.

Our 'out of the box' thinking has helped many projects come in on time and under budget. We are always thinking, " faster- better- cheaper."

Affordable & Efficient

It is no secret prices have gone off the charts.  That being said, we have a committed procurement team with established contacts to source materials for us. While some materials have become scarce, our team has been able to find acceptable, less expensive alternatives to propose to our customers.  However, to be clear  most 'standard' materials ARE available.   We offer a wide range of affordable capabilities and solutions, working in up to 1/2" steel, 1/4" stainless steel, 1/4" aluminum, and other metals. We can shear and bend to 10' while running 'full sheets' through our Finn Power Turret Punch Press or Amada 2500Watt Laser.

We offer MIG and TIG welding as well as a two-station Dahen Robotic Welder.


High-Quality Products

Our company continues its history of productive innovation in manufacturing a wide variety of contracted work in the Central New England area, including precision sheet metal fabrication for a wide range of industries. 

We take pride in our high-quality products, practicing ISO 2001-2015 Quality Management Standards. Our goal is to always build it right the first time to the specifications our clients provide.

Dedicated Service

Rated AAA+ by the Better Business Bureau, you can be sure that our teams at Howard Products Inc. prioritize our customers. We’ll work to realize your project as efficiently as possible while maximizing your project’s cost-effectiveness and minimizing its environmental impact.

We apply our exacting work ethic to every project we work on.  From the initial design assistance through the end of the fabrication process, our expertise and experience are focused on providing you with a superior product. 

Innovative Assistance

We’ll work with you during the design and fabrication process. Working from your drawings, using optimal materials and your finish spec we will produce the product you envisioned ON TIME. 

Whether your desired product is simple or complex, our teams can make it happen. We regularly use cutting-edge technology to innovate fabrication solutions to work around any obstacles we encounter during production. If you are looking for precision sheet metal fabrication solutions in the Central New England area, don’t hesitate to check out our capabilities.

Industry Connections

We have long-standing relationships with a range of suppliers which assures a secure, reliable supply chain. We have our go-to sources with optimal prices with savings we  pass on to you.

We maintain close relationships not just with our suppliers, but also with our customers. We are always looking to establish new relationships with businesses. 

We prioritize these close relationships to create a working environment that allows us to react quickly to meet our clients’ needs.

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Request for a Quote

Whether small or large, your request for a quote will be met with expert advice, individualized attention, and innovative solutions. Please browse through our platform to get an idea about all the services we offer. Our qualified team is looking forward to serving you!